A Consistent, Continuous, Ever-Improving Process to Maximize Your ROI

The Unique Process

Over the last 10+ years, a unique process has been co-developed by many owners, one that is consistent, continuous and ever-improving. The foundation of the process is this: asking the right questions at the right time... repeatedly. Things change – facilities, the facilities team, external forces, etc. – so the process never ends. Each eNewsletter in this series describes a component of the process.

Previous eNewsletters in the series:

Managing Utilities

Before you launch into a program of monitoring your utility usage and costs, it’s important to ask strategic questions around: why you want to do it, what you want from it, and how best to go about it. Questions may include (note: there are often additional questions under each of the questions listed):

  • What is our definition of success?
  • Which utilities should we monitor?
  • Which facilities should we monitor?
  • Which software platform is the best fit for us?
  • What will our process look like?
  • At what frequency will we review the results?
  • What resources will be needed?
  • Do we need sub metering or interval data?
  • How will we track project savings to understand our expected results?
  • How will we account for changes to our facilities?
  • How will we display results, and to whom?
  • What obstacles do we foresee, and how will we resolve them?

The Unique Process Journey

10 years ago, we began a journey in partnership with our clients that continues today – to create a consistent, continuous, ever-improving process to optimize facility performance at the maximum return-on-investment. The objective is to solve the challenge of limited resources that often results in a reactive approach, with no time to plan ahead.

Over these past 10 years, countless facility managers and executives, representing more than 20 owners, have contributed to, and benefitted from, the input from this pool of their peers – a continuous reinforcing loop of process improvement. The result is a process that will always deliver maximum return-on-investment. Actual results include: millions in annual savings, millions in utility incentives, and an average simple payback that is often less than one year.

The answers are in the questions... IF... you ask the right questions at the right time.

There’s no silver bullet, but there is a golden process.

To learn more about how your peers are strategically planning and executing to deliver maximum facility return-on-investment, email me at or call me at (314) 309-2029 to arrange a complimentary session.

Sitton Energy Solutions and Sitton Construction Solutions offer a unique, integrated approach to maximizing your facility investments.

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