A Consistent, Continuous, Ever-Improving Process to Maximize Your ROI

10 years ago, we began a journey in partnership with our clients that continues today – to create a consistent, continuous, ever-improving process that optimizes facility performance at the maximum return-on-investment. We started compiling the challenges facility managers face (e.g., not enough resources), the impact that has on them and their team (e.g., stress, burnout), and began developing a more manageable, proactive, fulfilling approach that could deliver ever-improving results.

Over the past decade, countless facility managers and executives, representing more than 20 owners, have made progress toward developing this unique process to optimize facility performance at the maximum return-on-investment. They have contributed to, and benefitted from, the input from this pool of their peers – a continuous reinforcing loop of process improvement.

This collaboration of facility managers and executives has developed a process that is simple to start, low-cost and low-risk. It’s a one-step-at-a-time approach that avoids sinking major resources into something that may not work. It ensures sustainable progress is made every year, as long as you stick to the process. It’s not a costly, rigid, patented plan; rather, it’s a thinking process – asking and answering the right questions in the right order.

Along the way, newly-identified projects and processes on 100+ facilities have yielded a simple payback of 0.64 years, annual energy savings of $7+ million, and utility incentives of $7+ million.

Step 1: Strategy and Plan
One of the keys to success in this process has been asking the right questions to make the best decisions. The first questions to answer involve your overall strategy and plan:
  • What is our definition of success over what period of time?
  • What comprehensive metrics will we use to measure our success?
  • How will we institutionalize our processes and what we learn along the way?
  • Where should we start and what order should we do things in – existing buildings (which ones)? capital program? software platforms?
  • How do we start – a comprehensive study? a strategy workshop?
  • Who should be involved, and in what way?
  • How do we integrate all of our facility processes?
  • What obstacles do we foresee in creating this process?

Life is short, and we spend a lot of it in our jobs. Let’s work together to create the most predictable, fulfilling process for facility managers, and for those who occupy the facilities we manage.

To learn more about how your peers are strategically planning and executing to deliver maximum facility return-on-investment, email me at or call me at (314) 309-2029 to arrange a complimentary session.

Sitton Energy Solutions and Sitton Construction Solutions offer a unique, integrated approach to maximizing your facility investments.

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