Part 1 of 4: Overview

What if there was a proven way to achieve and sustain optimum facility performance at a lower cost with better results? There are actually several owners who are well down this path, and seeing the results.

So, what is the “proven way” to maximize facility return-on-investment? In a nutshell, it substitutes a lower-cost, continuous process that replaces the more typical higher cost, sporadic approach. The key attributes of this approach include:

  • Continuous with no gaps, always adapting, always improving
  • Comprehensive, identifying and prioritizing all opportunities, as well as obstacles
  • Simple and streamlined; can start immediately, with any level of investment

Maximizing facility ROI involves three key steps that become a reinforcing loop for continuously-better results:

  • Strategy – definition of success: What does success look like at a given point in the future? What all has to happen for us to be happy with our progress at that point?
  • Plan action steps: How will we achieve this success, and measure the results? What best practices, processes and tools are needed? Who will own each action step?
  • Execution: How will we manage and measure execution, and provide learning loops to continuously improve the process, and our results?

Proven Results: There is a group of owners who, over the past 7 years, have saved over $7 million in annual energy costs, and captured over $7 million in utility incentives on previously-unidentified opportunities, resulting in an average simple payback of 0.67 years. Additional results include maximizing: operation and maintenance savings, equipment life, occupant comfort/health/productivity and carbon emission reduction. Of course, all of these results are lagging indicators – just as important is the fact that their strategies, plans, metrics, best practices, processes and tools are always up-to-date and improving, indicating even better results to come.

Next Up – Part 2: Retro-commissioning (tuning up) of Existing Facilities

To learn more about how your peers are strategically planning and executing to deliver maximum facility return-on-investment, email me at or call me at (314) 309-2029 to arrange a complimentary session.

Sitton Energy Solutions and Sitton Construction Solutions offer a unique, integrated approach to maximizing your facility investments.

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